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Repeat Presciption

This form can be used to order repeat prescriptions or food. It can be used for drugs that your animal has been already prescribed by the vet, and that you have had on a regular basis.

PETS: Most drugs require that your pet has regular checks with the vet; if they are due a check then the practice will phone and let you know.

FARM: You will be able to order drugs that are prescribed to your farm on a regular ongoing basis.

EQUINE: You will able to that have been drugs that be prescribed on an ongoing basis for your horse.

Remember that we need 48hrs notice for drugs to be prepared and some drugs need ordering. If you need drugs in an emergency then please phone on 01432 370155 or 01885 488440 for Bromyard.

(If appropriate)

(If possible this should be a daytime contact number in case there are any queries about your order)


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